Sunday, October 25, 2009

It's Been Awhile

The reason I don't post often, is that I have a boring life and my good wife tells it all- and can type a lot faster than I.
Tim is still sick, but is working on his house renos for a bit each day. The house is starting to look good- he has installed a few more recepticals and 3 and 4 way light switches. He has added 2 smoke/Co2 alarms upstairs and has his new service connection schedule for next week.
His cupboards are now white, and although not finished are looking good.
I have been poking along on the renos in Jacks, but it seems that not much is happening.
Got all the insurance stuff completed for the old truck and I think the Altima is going in yto the body shop next week.
The garden is bare, more tha half of the carrots ended up in the compost, as we didn't get them out before they froze. It's a nice day today, so Theresa will get some of the fall work done.

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Theresa and Geoff purchased a treadmill today. They were on sale at Sears, and when we went to look at them at the Rocky store last night, they didn't have any of the ones on sale, but showed us a couple that they did have on display. We weren't sure if we should get one, even though we have been talking about it for ages. I went back today and asked for his best price on the floor model- he got out his calculator, scratched his head a bit, and said - how 'bout $719.00 (the regular price was$1599.99)
So now after another good sales job we can walk indoors. (Theresa swears that a good salesperson could sell us anything- they just have to be somewhat knowledgeable and interested in selling)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

As of today Jan 19, Geoff is on Medical Leave. After the latest stupidity, I decided it was time for a break from "that place"
The straw was suffering 'consequences' for having a deer hit the side of my truck while driving to work a couple of weeks ago. There was no recognition for missing the deer that jumped out in front of me, but I can no longer drive to and from work because of the deer hitting me. (the deer suffered a worst fate)
I don't mind riding with Archie, let him dodge the deer, but I hate being treated like a 10 year old.
After I had the incident, my vehicle data monitor wouldn't download, so I guess it was automatically assumed that I was speeding. I talked to my foreman today, and he had sent the car chip away to be analyzed, and the results came back that I was traveling 89 kph on a 100 kph highway. Not speeding by any stretch.
Anyway I am recovering at home for 3-4 weeks.
Theresa has been making sure that I am not calling or being called from the plant so I indeed have time away.
I rescinded my retirement notice a couple of weeks ago because of the lousy economy and the impending recession, so I don't know what will happen when I go back.
Just living day to day right now.

Friday, November 28, 2008

I have finally had enough of that stupid company and gave my notice to be done in the spring. The last straw was being hauled on the carpet for "speeding." (2x) We are supposed to travel 10 k under the speed limit on numbered highways and 20 k under under secondary highways and 50 k max on gravel at night, totally ridiculous, all winter we are driving to work and home in the dark with a huge line of vehicles behind us and invariably one of them passes unsafely. There's going to be an accident one of these days.
I have noticed that knowing when I will done does not make any difference to how much the stupidity affects me. Got offered a job the day I gave my notice so I am thinking that I will not have trouble finding something interesting to do when I am ready to work again. Theresa says I need some time off before I make any decisions. (I think she has her own plans for my days of freedom.)

Sunday, June 8, 2008

I do so post

Some folks think that I never post, but to prove that untrue...
Not much new in Rocky. Sam is home and working 2 jobs, as a summer stupid at Husky and back at A+W as a shift manager. Grace is studying for finals. Theresa is too busy, Tim we never see and Anne and Will- we'll find out next weekend.
I am buying the truck I had on the personal fleet program back from BP, so we will travel to BC in style. I had the truck cleaned last week, and it is sparkling inside and out.
Theresa's garden/yard is looking very good- in spite of the rain and cool weather we have been having. She has a plan to tear down half of my greenhouse to have more sitting room- even though she never sits. I haven't started on the demolition yet though.
Have to transfer some wine from one container to another today, then it sits for another 2 weeks. Probably won't get it bottled until mid July because of the HB trip and my wine making partner's vacation plans. Last batch is supurb.
I'm contemplating another batch of beer, but timing isn't working out.

Saturday, February 9, 2008


Cold Cold Cold
I had to take my work truck in for a windshield repair this morning, and when I started it it seemed to be complaining a bit. When I got in to drive, I saw that the temperature was -30.
I guess I should have plugged it in. I think I will be buying the truck back from the lease company in the next couple of months. I had them price it for me and the buy-out is very very good.
It has also been snowing all day-not hard, but if it was rain it would be a shower. We had a couple of inches last night too. Makes me look forward to the trip in the spring.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Not much new in Rocky. It has turned very cold (-38 this AM) and it always takes a while to get used to it. Grace has a Hockey tournament this weekend, so that will keep us busy, between games and parent volunteering in between.